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Klio – Vegetable sprouts

300,00 дин.


  • Sprouts of yellow soybean, Japanese red beans azuki
  • Chinese green soybeans – mung, chick-pea and lentil
  • 9 types of medicinal herbs
  • Sea salt and apple cider


  • Improves metabolism and regulates body weight
  • Normalizes cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar levels in blood
  • Stimulates vital functions of the organism


360 gr


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Klio contains sprouts of yellow soybean, Japanese red beans azuki, Chinese green soybeans – mung, chick-pea and lentil that are put in the solution of sea salt and apple cider with medicinal herbs. Klio presents a complete meal because of the nutritive substances it contains. It has high energetic and low caloric value. Presence of antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic substances ensures prophylactic effect of this product.
It provides a sense of satiety, better control of body weight, strengthening of the immune system and resistance to stress. Because of its nutritive characteristics, it represents an excellent choice of meal for diabetics and cardiopates. It has positive effect in nutrition of individuals who receive therapy – cytostatics and radiation, because of abundance of antioxidants. It is recommended to include Klio in nutrition of children, sportsmen, students, pregnant women and people who aspire to feed healthy, because it carries riches and strength of sprouting – one of the biggest biological phenomenon on planet.

Weight 360 g

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ProHerbis 50 ml

0 review(s)
950,00 дин.

ProHerbis 50 ml

0 review(s)
950,00 дин.


  • Pharmaceutically refined propolis
  • Extracts of sage, liquorice, yarrow and chamomile
  • Ethanol tincture


  • It has 100% bactericidal effect against Helicobacter Pylori (confirmed in laboratory)
  • Protects and regenerates damaged mucous membrane of digestive organs
  • Normalises excess stomach acid
  • Improves digestion, reduces gases and cramps
  • Provides regular excretion of intestines, reduces risk of forming ulcer and gastritis


50ml and 100 ml



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